Warg: Teeming

These monsters are like bubbling cauldrons filled with hot emotion that sweeps over them in floods causing them to lose all control. Any little thing will set them off like a volcano with irritable bowels.

monster: teeming: angry bees
angry bees - Ordinary swarm of bees possessed by an overwhelming fury to become nearly as vindictive and bloodthirsty as the fell creature known as the wasp.
monster: teeming: orco
orco - A big fur-covered, forest-dwelling wight with a superiority complex. These guys obsess over lies and oath-breakers to where they will crush anything in their way to get at someone who fudges their weight or age. They have an incredible sense of smell and never tire.
monster: teeming: red cap
red cap - Do not let the short stature of this Warg fool you, it is as mean as they come. The Red Cap will quickly go into a murderous frenzy if any dare come near the ruins it has claimed as its own. They are named for the disturbing habit of dying their hat in the blood of their victims.
monster: teeming: ulfar
ulfar - Actually humans when not wearing their wolf-pelts, but once they transform into wolves, they are as vicious and slobbery as any Warg. The Ulfar has no control once the wolf has taken over and cannot change back until its rage is spent. The more the pelt is used, the more of the wolf nature corrupts the human self and their boiling point come quicker and quicker.