Warg: Ravenous

Wargs so bitter and slighted at injustices dealt to them that they feel they must consume the entire world. They must feed and feed until there's nothing left, and then they feed some more. They feel owed the flesh, the blood, and they will not be sated.

monster: ravenous: mantikor
mantikor - A Warg that is an absurd and terrifying combination of man, lion, bat and scorpion. It has multiple rows of teeth in its mouth for the sake of devouring man-flesh. So many teeth. The damn thing must bite its tongue constantly. No wonder it's so mad. The Mantikor roams the desert mountains always looking for people to eat.
monster: ravenous: trute
trute - This lusty monster from the Sudveg can assume the form of a man or woman. They lurk in the night seeking to chase and seduce the innocent, corrupting the pure while satisfying their limitless desire.
monster: ravenous: varulf
varulf - Shape shifter whose transformation is tied to the cycle of the moon. Like the Ulfar, the human form is actually a full functioning human, but its other form--a massive shaggy man with the head of a wolf--is a ravening beast whose hunger is never ending. Only the coming of day light or death can change the varulf back to human form.