Walker: Lonely Dead

Walkers who long for life and the souls they once had, or were so consumed by their own narcissism they simply did not notice their death. They will do anything to have the feeling of being alive once again.

monster: lonely dead: draug
draug - The Draug is what you get when the biggest jerk in town finally eats grave-dirt. These people were so vile in life that it corrupted the body so much it refuses to die and turns into a big, bloated, blue-skinned monster. They are vengeful wights seeking to do harm and guard wealth they hoarded in life. Unfortunately, being nasty has given their corpses some pretty interesting abilities, such as ability to walk through walls, light fetch fire, the evil eye and shape shifting.
monster: lonely dead: mummy
mummy - The mummy is a dusty old walker originally hailing from the hot lands of the far south. Opposite of the ghoul and other abandoned dead, the mummy is unable to make the journey to the underworld because it is bound to our world by elaborate funerary rites, either intentionally or by accident.
monster: lonely dead: wraith
wraith - The Wraith has spent so much of its life twisting every thought and every conversation around on themselves that they fail to notice death. Their bodies are warped and wracked, and they obsess about losing their skill, power or beauty and will drain the life of any in their way. They win the most likely to wear lip-black of all the undead.