Warg: Jaeger

Cruel and petty Wargs who prey on the weak and the outliers to get the power they so crave. They are the bullies of the monster world and must be dealt with accordingly.

monster: jaeger: bugbear
bugbear - This large shaggy Troll looks like the mating of a grizzly bear and a Goblin. Its roar is definitely worse than its bite, for it enjoys nothing more than scaring children to death, but the moment one stands up to it, the beastie scampers back into the shadows.
monster: jaeger: ghul
ghul - Related to Ghouls in name only, this monster picks off and eats lonely travelers in barren country. It can create illusions and become invisible like some Imps, but its sole thought is only to feed upon the weak.
monster: jaeger: loup garou
loup garou - This is a close cousin to the Varulf, but it retains complete control of its transformation at all times. The Loup Garou may pose as a man or woman for a time, but it is monster through and through. These cruel hunters like to prey upon children and pregnant women, because they're jerks.