Walker: Hungry Dead

Walkers who cope with the emptiness and cold inside by feeding on the living. They desire flesh, blood, warmth, or human emotion.

monster: hungry dead: ghoul
ghoul - The ghoul is the walking corpse of a person abandoned in the wild who likes to consume both the living and the dead. These leathery, eyeless husks seek revenge on those who abandoned them through snacking. They cannot end their eternal buffet until they receive proper burial rituals.
monster: hungry dead: barrow wight
barrow wight - The Barrow Wight can be found in old tombs or lonely moors trying to warm themselves on cold fetch flames. Instead of flesh and blood, these wights seek the warmth of humans. There touch can be deadly cold, much like the icy feet of a bed partner.
monster: hungry dead: vampyr
vampyr - The Vampyr is an extremely bitey Walker who uses seduction and mesmerism to drink the blood of those whom it knew in life. Quite the flirt, these creatures can draw in victims with the allure of eternal death, even though they start to grow hair in odd fashion and have dank carrion breath.