Walker: Grieving Dead

Similar to the Lonely Dead, these Walkers have lost something or someone and their grief is so great they live on in death, desperate to get back what they lost or right the wrong in some manner.

monster: grieving dead: ankou
ankou - The Ankou is a Walker who drew the short straw and must watch over the cemetery or tomb. They punish any passersby who find themselves there after dusk, typically by sitting on them and then growing heavier and heavier. Instead of a loss of life, or family, the Ankou grieves for a lack of quiet rest, which they will only receive when a new body is interred and must take their mantle.
monster: grieving dead: banshee
banshee - The Banshee, originally from the western tribes, has a tragic back story where their loved ones died suddenly and they spend their afterlife cleaning the blood out of their loved ones clothes. Normally, you would feel sorry for such a wight, but their primary purpose is to scare the pants off of any who get near and place gnarly curses on innocent folks.
monster: grieving dead: revenant
revenant - The Revenant is a Walker who has been disturbed after death and haunts the living until their wrong has been righted. Typically is a grave robbery, moved bones or property markers, or the living performing the Chicken Dance one time to many within earshot.