Walker: Cold Ones

Walkers who have become iron-grim and are ruled entirely by cruel logic. They are heartless, often physically as well as emotionally.

monster: cold ones: fekst
fekst - The Fekst is a haughty and foul creature. Its cold arrogance in life kept its mind and makes it impervious to all weapons in death. As such, the Fekst is a powerful warrior, nearly unstoppable on the battlefield. But its cocky superiority has also given it a weakness, it can be killed only by objects of no worth, trash, broken glass, old buttons, and the like.
monster: cold ones: valraven
valraven - The Valraven is created when a king or chieftain falls on the battlefield and is not buried. The ravens who eat the heart are imbued with intelligence and the power of speech, but grow iron-grim and cruel, spreading disease and death to all who cross its path.
monster: cold ones: white maiden
white maiden - The White Maiden looks like a pale nude woman whose skin is made of alabaster. Her purpose seems only send more souls to Niflehel to build the armies of the dead, by draining them of blood, similar to the Vampyr. But she does not exude the feigned passion in her stony heart. Her cruelties are planned out well in advanced and often the only way to save a victim is to exchange the soul of another.