portrait for ghoul


hungry dead [walker]

Consume flesh and bone to fill the emptiness from dying alone and being forgotten


gray, weathered skin, eyes missing due to scavengers

beastial loping gate

Voice & Mannerisms:

husky whispers, chomping jaw, cocked head, vacant stare

"Loves the meat, I do, but tonight I fancy some of that delectable marrow."

eyeless  •  feral  •  withered  •  starving  •  lonely

monster's health: 5

Custom Moves:

That's a mighty fine shroud: If a ghoul is near fine burial goods, they may become distracted and inspect what might have been with a proper burial.

Vicious cycle: If the ghoul kills a victim, there is a strong chance they will become a ghoul themselves and follow their maker.

You gonna eat that?: The ghoul only cares about filling up with flesh and bones, regardless of how fresh. They're often found in cemeteries or old battlegrounds.

Choicest Cuts: The hungrier the ghoul gets, the more it fantasizes about eating and what particular cuts of meat and bone it will consume.



garlic - Without any eyes, the ghoul uses it's sense of smell to find meals, living or dead. Garlic makes it very difficult for the ghoul to hunt.

binding & warding

bells - Though the ghoul longs for burial and rituals which go with it, the holy sound of bells is too much and sends it running.

cleansing & purifying

proper burial - The most effective way to permanently rid oneself of ghouls is to give them a proper burial in a graveyard or mound. Ghouls from some cultures/ranks may need to be burned upon a pyre or ship.

irritants & offenses

holy stuff - Since the ghoul's story is so closely tied with the holy rites of death, items considered sacred cause them great pain. Consecrated dirt from a church, water from a holy spring, rune stones carved to the gods all can be used against the ghoul.


hymns & dirges - The ghoul will grow calm and passive when listening to funerary music or poetry of remembrance.


grave goods - Even the hungriest ghoul may take a moment to stop and plan their ideal funeral when they are around quality items for burial.


The ghoul is the walking corpse of a person abandoned in the wild who likes to consume both the living and the dead. These leathery, eyeless husks seek revenge on those who abandoned them through snacking. They cannot end their eternal buffet until they receive proper burial rituals.