portrait for angry bees

angry bees

teeming [warg]

Boil over and lose control, attack everything because... anger


Though physically indistinguishable from calmer, more pleasant and productive bees, the angry swarm is louder, more frantic and unsteady. 

The swarm may come together to form a hand or a snarling face.

When frenzied, the bees fly faster and in random directions, crashing into whatever is in their path and trying to sting it for good measure.

Voice & Mannerisms:


fuming  •  swarm  •  indiscriminate  •  vindictive  •  aggressive

monster's health: 8

Custom Moves:

Lotsa stingin': There are a lot of angry bees and they are going to let you know how they feel with their butts

Bee all up in your face: You know how difficult it is to see in a snowstorm? A storm made of bees is so much worse.

Frenzy time: Every time the swarm is damaged, the bees go into a frenzy, making them more likely to attack. The more they frenzy the more confused they become, even attacking inanimate objects or each other.

Swarm hand: If a swarm is not frenzied, the bees can work together to form a large hand to swat or push their opponents


binding & warding

coverings - While an angry bee swarm is massive, the individual bees are tiny and can't sting through thick or viscous coverings.

irritants & offenses

noise and anger - Bees can't stand harsh noises or arguing folk, and being around it may cause them to mindlessly attack or frenzy


secrets - As messengers to the gods and other wights, bees are notorious gossips. They love secrets and telling them some are a good way to befriend them.

smoke - Smoke reminds bees of when the were first forged by the dwarves when from tiny gold ingots. This calms the bees and makes them docile.

misdirection & confusion

energy - bees are highly attuned to the energies of the land and can be confused by an over-abundance

strong odors - the bees' sense of smell is much greater than a human's and have trouble communicating around strong or caustic odors


Ordinary swarm of bees possessed by an overwhelming fury to become nearly as vindictive and bloodthirsty as the fell creature known as the wasp.