Lore of the Harrowlands

With the Harrowlands full of crazy people and monsters, it is no wonder that the lore is so rich:

thumb for Alf King

Alf King - a lord of the alfar, who along with his seven brothers, guards Hvergelmir the great primal spring deep beneath the roots of Yggdrasil in Niflheim. His name is lost to men, but when the terrible horn Gjallarhorn is sounded by Mimir's ghost, he leads the hunt across Midgard.

thumb for Alfablot

Alfablot - On the first night of the butcher's moon, dead wights of the wild hunt march through the roads of Saksaland and will cause mischief if not appeased when passing by.

thumb for Gripa

Gripa - Gripa, an ancient giant, tarried too long and turned to stone when the sun rose over the mountains, leaving her weeping form to overlook the vale.

thumb for Hugrun's Cauldron

Hugrun's Cauldron - Hugrun's Cauldron is a swampy mire in the Harg Mountains. Legend says that the giant was brewing a poisonous elixir to trick the gods, but Odin discovered the trick and Thor crunched her with a hammer blow. The remains of the poison sit in the cauldron, leeching its way into the depths of the earth.

thumb for Jarnfelt

Jarnfelt - It is said some nights the countless warriors who died in the great battles from the "Iron Fields" walk again to fight who come too near.

thumb for snarl wort

snarl wort - This thorny root is a rare plant found only where a skogsra, a dangerous forest spirit, has made her bed. It has a sweet spicy flavor and is said to protect from fae curses. Beware the uncooked thorns, however, for their prick can cause one to fall a deep slumber.

thumb for The Scar

The Scar - The Scar was formed when a massive Jotunn was wondering through Midgard. It is said he received such a fright upon seeing the bloody god, Saksnot, he dropped his giant axe and dragged it all the way to the mountains as he fled, tearing the earth asunder.

thumb for Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt - a rowdy horde of deathly versions of all kinds of monsters. The hunt escapes the boundaries of Hel once a year during the Alfablot, and travel along the roads of Midgard causing trouble and demanding to be honored from the living.