portrait for Plunk


slovenly but tough guide


Just get the kids to Kraghall, so he can get back to his business.


Large man with blonde hair and fluffy mustache.

Tattoos on the side of his head.

Oh the smell. Something unfortunate died and has been festering in the hot sun for some time.

Voice & Mannerisms:

Gravelly and loud like hollering with rocks in your mouth.

Vaguely Scottish, but just a little.

Absently brushes his big mustache with his index finger and thumb.

abrupt  •  flatulent  •  oblivious  •  soporific

Plunk's health: 8

Custom Moves:

Sleep standing up: Plunk can fall asleep at a moment's notice, including while he's actively talking or standing. He sleeps like the dead.

Terrible gases: Plunk seems to eat the same things everyone else does, but somehow he can turn that into the loudest, most noxious fumes.

Turn a blind eye: Plunk is not interested in fancy tales of monsters and magic and will stubbornly refuse to believe any talk of such things and even proof right before his eyes.

Magic don't work here: Plunk has a natural resistance to magic and monsters and can avoid any adverse affects, especially if he does not notice or believe in them.


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            "You let a few bees break our cart and wasted the supplies we were bringing to Kraghall?

Makes me wonder if yer worth the effort of bringing north."
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            "An army of ghosts walking the roads? Hog-wash. "