portrait for Momma Yrla

Momma Yrla

maternal pirate queen


take care of those around her, especially her daughter.


Momma is a tall lean woman with dark skin and white hair. Her eyes are a cloudy white.

Her dress is adorned with hook and net iconography and she wears shimmering shells in her hair.

Voice & Mannerisms:

slow & breathy with just a hint of southern accent.

stare into the middle distance, don't make eye contact.

kind  •  wary  •  protective  •  blind  •  intuitive  •  sea king  •  follower of ran

Momma Yrla's health: 4

Custom Moves:

Refusal of Hospitality: On the night of the Alfablot, Momma goes against the customs of hospitality and refuses all strangers. It's not safe to invite strangers into the home on Alfablot. They can stay in the yard.

Momma to all: Momma can sense if people are good, and if she deems them so, she will take them under her wing and offer comfort and protection.

Tangled nets of Ran: Momma may be blind, but her fingers are deft and hold some magic granted by the terrible goddess Ran. She can quickly wend knots in a fashion that they will bind a foe from afar.

Keep a close eye: Momma is hyper-aware of where her daughter is at all times and makes sure she does not leave the farm, not goes near the river or the well.


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Kraghall Academy

            "Not everything with a frightening form is a monster. 

The Rooks would do well to remember that. 

Beware self-designated monster hunters. There are always other paths."
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            "Gurla is the most faithful companion one could dream of. 

We are blessed by Frey to have her at our side, protecting my family. 

Woe to any who would do us harm while her heart still beats."
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            "It is wrong to kill a bee.

Though the bee has a sting, its true love is secrets.

They collect secrets like the sea collects gold.

It is because of this gods and other wights use them as messengers between realms."
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            "His parents are good people, who have farmed this land long before I ever arrived.

I'm confident we can get him turned around with time."
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Arg the Mad Baker

            "Arg is the most talented craftsman of bread outside the honeyed hills of Vanaheim"
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            "The bees to the south are invaluable to our crops, and the peace of this small portion of Saxaland."