portrait for Gurla


burly kraken first mate


protect her sea family at any cost


Gurla is a broad woman with weathered skin, but her touch is cool and rubbery. She smells of salt and the sea.

When using strength, swirling purple tattoos cover her flesh.

Voice & Mannerisms:

stereotypical Russian, like Nadia from New Girl, skipping words

chin out, aggressive

superstitious  •  fiercely protective  •  octopus strong

Gurla's health: 8

Custom Moves:

Strength of the Kraken: Gurla can summon the strength of a large kraken.

Tentacle Wrestling: Gurla loves to wrestle and is harder to pin down than an octopus in murky waters.

Font of Superstition: Gurla is convinced every whisper of curses and lurking evil is true and will tell everyone about it. She may not be wrong


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            "Why fight bees?

Bees are friend to all folk and plants... maybe not bear."
thumbnail image for Bursten Claw-Jaw

Bursten Claw-Jaw

            "You look like you kiss jellyfish with mouth. 

Dog boy, be quiet."
thumbnail image for Iona of the Willows

Iona of the Willows

            "You smell of dirt and smoke. I don't like."
thumbnail image for Vampire Pumpkins

Vampire Pumpkins

            "Dangerous for pumpkin to sit on vine too long. 

It grows evil, suck blood like wampyr."
thumbnail image for Thule Bonecrusher

Thule Bonecrusher

            "You are strapping boy.

We wrestle, I snap you like twig."
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crazy winds

            "Such wind is bad omen for tonight. Means there will be trouble, maybe death."