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Alf King

eternal watcher & leader of the hunt


Wait and wait until the Gjallarhorn last sounds and final sleep comes on the heels of Ragnarok. 


Made as much of nifl-mist as flesh, the king solemnly rides at the fore of the wild hunt upon his massive spectral boar. Haunted milk-white eyes give the impression of sadness, and grim determination.

The aura around the alf king is cold and filled with fear, more so than any of the howling and gnashing wights of hunt who trail him.

Voice & Mannerisms:

His movements are slow and deliberate, as is his speech, which is rarely heard by men. The voice is wistful, yet deep, like it is heard from a distant cave, instead of spectral lips.

haunting  •  deathless  •  cavern-cold  •  patient  •  terrible

Alf King's health: 16

Custom Moves:

Misty flesh: The alf-king cannot be harmed by the weapons of men, nor monsters. His form simply turns to mist when another attempts to do him harm.

Touch of Elivagar: The touch of the alf-king is venom-cold, like the terrible rivers of the Elivagar, which he watches over in the depths of Niflheim. It will drain the strength of a man, and cannot be restored by common means.

Lord of the Hunt: When the wild hunt is not appeased, they become even more unruly and dangerous. Only the alf-king can control them, and only then when it suits his will.


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wild hunt

            "The night is ever so fleeting and my impatient wards would have their... fun."
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            "What value is the autumn air, the light of the full moon, and mortal leftovers, when one waits for the end of creation?"